Breaths is a series of interactive art installations made by visual artists Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin and Joanna Thede.


Breaths had its first stop at the Alternative Art Fair Supermarket in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2012.

The second stop of Breaths was held in April 2012 as an Art after Work event at Gallery Rostrum in Malmö, Sweden.

Breaths ♯3 was activated at the Gallery Night 2012 in Malmö, hosted by Konstfrämjandet Skåne.

In May 2014, we were invited to activate and show Breaths ♯4 in the group exhibition “Ena eller andra sidan / Ene elder anden side” at Gallery OK-Corral in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Breaths ♯5 and Breaths ♯6 took place in the autumn of 2015, during Bästa Biennalen in Skane, Sweden.

Breaths ♯7 was one of 15 light installations during the light event Dark Light Poetry at Övedskloster in Skane, Sweden, in the dark and rainy evenings of 4-5th November 2016. Approximately 400 persons came to participate in Breaths and to experience the rest of the exhibition which mostly took place outdoors.

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A Collaborative Art Project by Solveig Lindgren Inderbitzin and Joanna Thede