Breaths #7 at Dark Light Poetry, Övedskloster, Sweden

Our latest stop for Breaths was activated during the event Dark Light Poetry at Övedskloster in Skåne, south of Sweden.

Breaths was one of 15 light installations at Dark Light Poetry, which was arranged by the association Sydljus at Övedskloster castle and park during the major event Österlen lyser (Lights of Österlen) on the 4-5 of November 2016.

“In DARK LIGHT POETRY, we want to explore the beauty within the quiet. Set aside the noisy day and accompany us on a walk where your thoughts and feelings may expand. Where you find light in the dark. ….

A warm welcome to DARK LIGHT POETRY posing the question: How little is enough?”

Joanna Thede interviewed by radio journalist Malin Thelin, P4 Malmöhus, Sveriges Radio about the event: “Finurliga former lyser upp” (Furtive forms give some light).